David Magney's Flora of Ventura County



This page provides a link to a complete list of the Flora of all the plants known and expected to occur within the geographic boundaries of Ventura County, California.   This is the first complete checklist of vascular plants ever published.

The statistics of flora of Ventura County are provided on the Floristics page.   Below is a link to a PDF listing of 2,749 native (indigenous), naturalized (originated elsewhere but now growing "naturally"), and escaped exotics (planted taxa that have escaped cultivation and surviving without care) vascular plant taxa.   Today there are 2,445 taxa have been vouchered (collections made and deposited into one or more public herbaria), and 2,511 vouchered and/or observed by the author.   The number will certainly change tomorrow as botanists continue to explore and study the natural landscape of Ventura County.

The checklist includes: scientific name (complete with author(s)), common name, growth habit, family, and its current abundance status (in one of 5 categories (common, occasional, scattered, uncommon, and rare - listed in decreasing order, as well as taxa expected but not yet documented).   About half of the native plant taxa in Ventura County are uncommon (6-10 populations) to rare (1-5 populations).

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This page was created on 23 October 2011 and last updated 24 September 2017.